Thrifty LDV

My sister once joked that I prefer someone else’s old items to something new, and in some cases she’s right! Vintage clothing and furniture can bring a layer of history into your home and wardrobe that a new shirt can’t.  Do I love new fashion too? You bet your Dooneys I do…but thinking about recycling and sustainability as you shop is a great practice! Etsy is full of handmade and upcycling stores to help you get something new and responsibly made.   I’ve found such lovelies thrifting that even my sister is somewhat of a convert now.

Never thrifted? There are some fabulous guides to thrifting already out there for you, I’ve listed some below. I post thrifted items regularly, but to see some of my past scores visit the thrifted category of posts here.


Thrifting with Sammy Davis

Thrifting 101, a blogger’s firsthand advice on thrifting

Strawberry Koi, thrifting video from youtube

Power Thrifting with Already Pretty