Partner with Lemondrop

Thank you kindly for considering Lemondrop Vintage for partnership. I am thrilled to work with businesses and blogs that interest my readers and enrich their homes and wardrobes!  

How would you like to work with Lemondrop Vintage?

Blog Post Features:

I am happy to feature your quality product in a post read by thousands of my lovely readers. It may be worn in an outfit post, featured in a home decor post, or in a giveaway. Giveaways are an effective way to introduce savvy readers to your products, shop, and any social media you employ.  I am also happy to offer LDV readers an opportunity to receive discounts on products through internet coupons or discount codes.
Bracelet courtesy of Anjolee
Chez Lemondrop for the holidays

Blog advertisement:

Available for blog side bars in a variety of sizes using your imagery or an ad I develop for you.

All ads should be consistent with blog content and reader interest. Need more information? Email for rates or for other questions you may have.

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