fashion rules I have broken

Not only am I wearing a white linen dress after Labor Day, I was too lazy to pair it with a more fall appropriate bag to redeem myself. Like many others I am a habitual wearing-white rule breaker. In Texas heat it makes perfect sense.  I next plan to wear garish colors and patterns together while blowing bubbles with sugary gum and wearing shiny lipgloss far too young for me.
What fashion rules are you ready to break, friends?

Calypso St. Barth, Target
Shoes via Zappos
Vintage purse

linen white dress with wedges

Ready to wear fabulous shades while rule breaking? I am having a giveaway here!

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I like big bags and I cannot lie

Things I like about this outfit post…

  • my ginormous mom Dooney. I have all my stuff plus crackers, toy trains, and handy wipes for emergencies. It takes over the outfit, but at least I love the color.
  • a haircut! First one in months. The hubs watched the kids and I went to my stylist alone. For an hour. Bliss.
  • my dress, thrifted for $8, it’s 100% silk and comfy
  • the adorable accessories from Tiny Bee that YOU can win in a giveaway!
Do you carry a ginormous bag (mom or no) that takes over your outfits?

 Cute fabric bag and earrings from the Tiny Bee, enter the giveaway!

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blue streak & another bunday

Blue Streak (adjective) The state of wearing blue repeatedly due to either a fixation on the color or the overabundance of sale items in blue the month preceding said streak

You’d think I’d be over the patriotic color combination, but one last go I think… hope your 4th was fun! I wish we could have a small cool front that would allow me to unbind my hair for once.

Old Navy Dress
Target shoes
Vintage scarf & bag


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