Pleasantly peasanty

The best way to wear a loose boho skirt may not be with a loose comfy sweater, but sometimes you have to be happy over stylish. Today I am about all things peasant and slightly hippie.  The sweater is a great transitional piece and once again, breastfeeding access is a priority over structure. It’s amazing how a baby can change your whole wardrobe and priorities. It feels like I will never wear a difficult to wear top again!  Sigh. Hope you are wearing the shirt that makes you most comfy today. 

Skirt & tank, White House Black Market
Vintage sweater, Hasbeen shoes
DIY necklace with real acorn

pleated poppy

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Windy weather blues

There’s a Texas saying, if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes. This weekend we have had everything from cold to warm and wet to dry winds.  What’s a girl to do but layer?  And give up on hairstyles that are perfect of course.
This little homemade crocheted sweater is almost too toasty for me, but I could not resist trying it this windy day. It reminds me of things my mother would have crocheted when I was young. I am torn between calling it cornflower blue or baby blue.  I think I should be able to create a new color just like crayola does…Lemondrop Blue? Let’s start a petition.
Hope your winds are pleasing today, friends.
Sweater, belt,dress, purse, locket = Vintage
Shoes= Target

Snuggly sweaters make lazy day dressing

You know, I could be wearing a figure flattering dress, or at the very least a fitted cardi to show that in fact I do have a waist. But why when I have this lovely snuggly vintage super thick sweater to wrap up in? In fact, it was so cozy I didn’t wear a coat out the house. And lo and behold, I found a fall tree in the midst of winter to pose in front of just to make you think this was an archival picture. Sorry to break it to you, but I am thrilled to be dressing this lazily right here in the middle of the work week instead of a Saturday last fall. Now all I need is my next good book to cozy up to and I am set for the afternoon. Unless I am distracted by blog reading and that pile of magazines I have waiting near the front door….

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