minty and kinda fresh

We’ve been blessed with some needed rain, which gave us more time inside to do laundry and clean closets! That’s when I rediscovered this vintage purse, skirt and blouse, since I haven’t worn the skirt in years… I think it’s time for another organizational purge and donation to my sister’s closet. At least I found a new to me treasure while cleaning, almost as good as shopping (almost). My earrings are new, and will be featured in an upcoming giveaway! Hope you’ll be back to enter the Tiny Bee giveaway coming soon!

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blue streak & another bunday

Blue Streak (adjective) The state of wearing blue repeatedly due to either a fixation on the color or the overabundance of sale items in blue the month preceding said streak

You’d think I’d be over the patriotic color combination, but one last go I think… hope your 4th was fun! I wish we could have a small cool front that would allow me to unbind my hair for once.

Old Navy Dress
Target shoes
Vintage scarf & bag


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I don’t know how to dress for dinner anymore but for a night out I’ll try

Before we had two (sweet, wonderful) loud, messy boys we went to dinner several times a week. And not just the fun fast food restaurant that has handy antibac wipes and vanilla ice cream cones for dessert!  We went to real restaurants with cloth napkins, candlelight, and no high chairs… but its been so long when I do have a chance to go somewhere adults eat I can’t think of what I should wear.  I am usually focused on clothing that can allow me to nurse and wash it without dry cleaning. So when we were able to go somewhere without small people this week I was happy to wear a dress with a  back zipper and not worry about it! Oh, the small victories in life…how sweet they are. Next treat to look forward to- going to the grocery store without little boys who are screaming for something to eat through the whole experience. (Have I breastfed in a grocery store? Hells, yeah, it makes him happy & quiet)  Have you had a lovely dining experience this week too?

Dress via Target
Bag & necklace, vintage
Shoes, Yellow Box

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