The Lemondrops hit the town

Last Saturday the Texas Style Council threw a lovely Posh dress party with Poshmark. It was a wonderful excuse to dress up in something I’d never worn before. This glittery vintage dress had been hanging on my closet door as decor for almost two years. I bought it just before I found out that I was expecting the little lemondrop, and then never dared try it on again until now. YAY! It fits, well, barely… but it fits and that’s what counts. It was a nice night out for us, and a great way to meet some wonderful blogging friends. Happy Saturday night to you, hope you have some vintage in there too.

Vintage dress, ring, bag and coat
Lulu’s shoes
Amy of
Random revelers
Bonbon jewelry was gorge!
Guess who brought beer to the wine party? Yes, we’re classy like that.
Kristen from the The Mrs. and the Momma

Best cupcakes EVER. I stole one to take to my mom, our babysitter for the evening.

In which my family is confused by my plaid pants

I wore this to a family dinner, and was taken aback when no one commented on my pants right away. I mean, they aren’t exactly subtle. I teased my aunt that they were probably hers when she was in high school. She thought they look more like a pair her husband would have worn. The whole discussion confused my grandmother who thought I really had borrowed them from the family archives. Nope, just a small town charity shop! But it was fun to reminisce about the places these pants may have seen…besides Brady Brunch first runs. And if you are curious, polyester is super warm in winter, those poor souls who wore them in summer could tell ya.
Vintage purse and pants
Sweater, Target
Shoes, Zappos, just got them, whooo hoo!

A hiking we will go…

This little vintage coat gave me the urge to hit the slopes (we haven’t any) or the trails. The trails it was. Fine… to be honest I only meandered a bit at the foot of the trails, the rest of the time I was snuggled in the car with a warm cup of decaf, enjoying the scenery. But at this pretty cliff I struck a pose. The things I do for this blog… it was cold I tell you. I agree with IFB, I must be a real blogger because interesting things that happen  MUST be blogged to prove their existence. What about you? Are you a blogger who must document it all?
S Madden booties/Mossimo jeans/Vintage jacket

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