a cute little plaid jacket that doesn’t make me look like a used car salesman at all. right?

Every time I wear a vintage blazer I have a moment of asking myself,  “Do I look like I am about to sell a used car or some real estate?” I don’t know why…maybe watching too much television as a child. But I do love a blazer, even in summer. To be honest, it’s so hot that I don’t stay outside wearing it very long, but it’s perfect when in a blast of air conditioning.  And since the heat wilts any hairstyle I attempt, a grown up ponytail is essential to beat heat. What summer tricks are you up to to avoid looking wilted?

Vintage blazer and purse
Gap shorts
Target tank & shoes



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Style Elixir

Black velvet and sequins for day, because I feel like it

I am quite sure that this little sequined dress from Target will be worn by lots of small waisted people on the way to a holiday party this year, and that I may be the only silly pregnant woman who insists that it is a daytime wardrobe option… but you can’t blame a girl for trying. Everyone deserves a little sequins during the holidays, even when the sequins are splayed across an impressively large tummy. Are you wearing sequins and velvet during daylight, or are you less tacky—er— more conservative?

The girl with a Kaleidoscope…skirt

This little vintage skirt has a sweet pattern that reminds me of kaleidoscopes. (Perhaps I looked at it for too long, and now I have kaleidoscope eyes…is that what they meant?)  The weather is playing cat and mouse with us again. A little fall and a whole lot of Indian Summer… I love fall, so you can’t keep me away from her colors, no matter how warm the October day may eventually be. Give me a cool breeze in the morning and I will take that as license to dress as if I don’t live in a fall fickle state. 
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Kaleidoscope source
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