Lace + Sequins = Dinner out!

Chez Lemondrop is a dine in only home lately, we have a little lemondrop who doesn’t need to eat out. So if we do get a friend or family member willing to lemondrop-sit, we take advantage. And since this week is EBEW’s Lace challenge, I decided to break out the dress that was skulking in the back of my closet for quite some time. It is too big, and I am too busy (cheap) to have it altered yet. But I do like the little lace panel and I suppose I will get around to it eventually. If you want to join in just make sure you’re lacy by the 14th and share your post on the EBEW site! Can’t wait to see all of the lacy ladies (or um, guys too? I don’t want to discriminate).
Lace | Everybody, Everywear
Vintage jacket and belt
Faith necklace, ebay 2006
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