radical frugality? reluctantly weeding my closet…very reluctantly

I really try to keep a neat closet. I weed regularly to make room for things I will actually wear. Two pregnancies in three years has made this very difficult because I have been a variety of sizes up and down for so long. Case in point this outfit. I bought both pieces at a larger size (not the largest I achieved, but larger) and now they are both a bit too big. But… I like them and can’t find them again as the shorts were thrift and the blouse long gone from Target racks. So, I still wear them even though I should probably move on. Thoughts of price per wear and being wasteful have kept them in rotation. I think I am being a bit radical in my frugality. After all, I am still working on post preggers pounds, so shouldn’t I let them go? How long do you keep clothing that you most likely should let go, dear reader?

pink and navy outfit thrifted

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I like big bags and I cannot lie

Things I like about this outfit post…

  • my ginormous mom Dooney. I have all my stuff plus crackers, toy trains, and handy wipes for emergencies. It takes over the outfit, but at least I love the color.
  • a haircut! First one in months. The hubs watched the kids and I went to my stylist alone. For an hour. Bliss.
  • my dress, thrifted for $8, it’s 100% silk and comfy
  • the adorable accessories from Tiny Bee that YOU can win in a giveaway!
Do you carry a ginormous bag (mom or no) that takes over your outfits?

 Cute fabric bag and earrings from the Tiny Bee, enter the giveaway!

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things I am too old to buy, but I do anyway

I gave away all of my overalls quite some time ago, but I found these recently whilst thrifting, and shamelessly purchased them. From the junior department. For a dollar. I have also recently purchased Bonne Bell lipgloss, a fudge bomb ice cream, and glitter nail polish. It’s summer, when you don’t want to act your age. Um, right?

Vintage thrifted overalls
Jones NY shirt, Kork Ease shoes
Dooney and Bourke bag

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