Sunny disposition… not

I have to pretend to have a sunny disposition when it’s super hot. And a sundress helps, especially a yellow one.  What else helps besides ice cream cones? Purses from the 60’s covered in plastic! I find them so interesting that I have quite a few. What helps you find a sunny feeling?

Dress, Gap/ shoes, Target/ Purse, Vintage


Sundresses are now a staple.

The heat really rolled in this week. My grandparents warned me (they watch the news religiously), but I didn’t pay any attention. It already felt like summer after all…but I was mistaken.  Texas summer is really here this week. That means the Little Lemondrop and I try to complete all of our outside activities before 11 am or after 7 pm. Maybe I will get more housecleaning done, or muffin making… Right now I am just sitting here chatting with you.  Don’t tell Mr. Lemondrop, there is a pile of his laundry waiting for me just down the hall.

What’s your summer staple and to do list, friends?

Coming up roses and coming up on the weekend

Spring weekends are some of the nicest weekends you can have… flower gazing with the family and weather that inspires a walk outside.  Sundresses are another lovely thing about Spring, throw one on and you are ready to take on the day. I added a vintage jacket with little ruffles and big shoulders because there was a bit of a chill to the wind, just not enough to  prevent me from wearing sandals. If you follow me on facebook you might have seen me create these Elmo toes for the Little Lemondrop. Free entertainment.

My weekend plans include kissing my baby, laundry, and a good book. Excitement abounds at my house, friends. What about you?

Vintage bag & jacket

Gap dress

Crocs shoes!

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