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We are experiencing some exciting changes at our house, and change makes you look at your home (or soon to be new home) with a fresh eye for design. Our home now is in one style, but we’ll be moving to one that was built in a completely different era and has totally different lines. Plus…Why should we keep the same art pieces when we’ve changed so much as people since we originally bought them? We have new interests.. and kids now! Do you need a fresh take on art for your space? You have to see the designs of limited edition prints at by amazing artists. Whether you are into realism, abstract, drawings, bright color or pastels, you will find something to transform your home. I’ve collected my favorites by creating an account and “hearting” them for later comparison with the rooms we are redesigning. I love the bold graphics for the bedrooms, and the watercolors for the living areas…so many choices! The other cool site feature is the preview of sizes standing next to a real person for perspective if you need visual clues to make your selections. You can choose framed or unframed art, too. Have you seen the beautiful art at


how sweet is this ‘let’s grow old together“?

New Year, new vintage trends?

Vintage has certainly featured heavily in trends throughout 2012. Catwalks have played host to many a designer experimenting with the much loved looks of previous decades. As Vogue reported, the 1950s American era was given a revisit by designers such as Marc Jacobs for the Spring/Summer collection.  Even this hair is vintage inspired and fabulous!

images via here..

2012 also saw the international expansion of popular vintage website etsy into countries such as Australia, Germany and France. The online marketplace for craftspeople provides the perfect outlet for all things vintage, kitsch and lovingly homemade.

So what can we expect in 2013? Vintage trends for the upcoming year are already being discussed all over the internets. New media is getting an “old-over” as photo effect apps such as Instagram grow in popularity (and power having just been taken over by facebook) and advertisers and marketers start to utilize the emotiveness of old-fashioned charm.

Velvet is expected to continue its success as a staple in any true vintage enthusiast’s wardrobe. Embellishing (studs, buttons, if it’s 3D it’s a must!) seems to have a firm foothold in designers’ creativity also.

So what’s going to be the best way to make the transition for ’12 to ’13? Here are two lovely choices for making an entrance into the New Year; vintage style.

A fab frock: Sequins are brilliant for fighting off those post- Christmas winter blues. My Wardrobe offers a great range of everyday or evening dresses, many at incredible discounts for designer pieces. This 60s inspired shift dress by 3.1 Phillip Lim is a particular highlight. Click to see the current discount price…

An awesome accessory: As goes the age old saying, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Make a statement with one of these classic H Samuel rings. Sapphire is a particular favorite as it makes the subtle statement of effortless elegance.

Love this unique shape too…

What are your vintage or retro wardrobe dreams for 2013? I am saving these rings to my list…

1920s jewelry…I’d like some

For the US, the 1920s was a time of economic prosperity. World War One had just ended and though prohibition had begun, there were moonshine and speakeasies everywhere. Think Bugsy Malone and Chicago; Jazz, the Charleston, Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Josephine Baker, Greta Garbo…. I could go on. No wonder the era was nicknamed the Roaring Twenties.

Josephine Baker

Costume jewelry became much more popular in the twenties, focusing on non-precious materials and appearance rather than cost. Jewelry became decoration rather than a statement of social standing and wealth. It had become unpatriotic to wear expensive jewelry. As synthetic plastic become widely available, jewelry was more affordable. The famous Coco Chanel encouraged people to wear costume jewelry along with their expensive pieces, often wearing outrageous fakes herself. Kalmar Antiques  has some excellent examples of beautiful classic pieces that would enhance any vintage look.

The influence of the Art Deco movement meant that designers often used geometric shapes and strong colours to convey sophistication, though they later moved to pale and all white. Flappers tended to wear long necklaces, often beads or tassels. Brooches and clips became popular as they were used to hold up new corset-less lingerie.

Many antique stores will have genuine twenties jewelry, though it has the potential to be expensive. Look for rings in geometric shapes with stepped stones- think of the Chrysler building- that lead up in increments to the centre stone. Contrasting stones such as sapphires, rubies, emeralds and onyx were used to make a white diamond stand out. Remember not to scoff at plastic as fake, it had just become widely available so lots and lots of twenties jewelry was made out of it, as well as the fact that it was actually popular to wear fakes. However, if it’s a bit too far over the expensive line, consider reproduction jewelry like emerald silver rings from Rocks TV, who have nailed that vintage art deco style down perfectly.

There are twenties’ influences all over the high street, but even more as Baz Luhrmann’s decadent version of The Great Gatsby is about to be released. Pilgrim’s range of jewelry has subtle influences of the twenties style combined with their Nordic roots that make for some beautiful pieces. With leaf and flower motifs along with beads and brooches, Pilgrim Jewellery from Burns is inexpensive costume jewellery in-keeping with a twenties style. This brooch is one of my favorites!

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