Walkin’ on sunshine and polka dots (instead of fall leaves and in tights)

Ack, it’s happened again, warm weather in the midst if what was turning out to be a nice little fall streak. So instead of the tights and booties I want to try out I am wearing sandals again. But I am trying to pretend it’s fall by wearing a fall palette of sorts… To be quite honest as we snapped these there were mosquitoes chasing us. Those little buggers come back every time it warms up. I can’t wait for tights! Are you wearing them yet? (jealous)
Dress, Modcloth/Jacket Mizrahi via Target
Shoes Mossimo via Target
Bag, vintage, baby


Polka dots and duck audiences

I am never comfy taking outfit pictures in front of a big audience, but in my Modcloth dress in front of an audience of ducks I am just fine. What about you? How do you feel taking pictures with a human audience? Any tricks to make you comfortable?

Dress, Modcloth
Jacket, Gap
Shoes, Cole Hahn

I am not nearly as sweet as this dress, it’s true.

Those poor ladies of the 1960’s. Imagine not having a choice on whether or not you are dressed as some sort of confection everyday… if that’s all that the local dress shop had.  Of course you might have garish hippie clothes to choose from- and maybe if you were lucky enough a wild Pucci. But small town girls most likely all blended in with cupcakes and Easter baskets. I think I like my outfits with more color on most days, but I can be sweet today. Keeps the husband guessing.  Hope you have something sweet in your day today, friends!

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