my grandmother dressed me today

Bun, check. Little old lady shorts, check. Blouse and cardi for conservative coverage, check. My mother and my grandmother approve. I usually dress the way that pleases me, but I do have the tendency to worry about dressing “appropriately” in specific situations. Family picnics, church, work days…but sometimes little old lady is just fine. Especially when hanging with older people who might look askance at my back tattoo. The exposed one on my foot is enough for today.I feel that I sometimes have multiple wardrobe personalities.  Do you dress for the company you keep – aside from work clothing?

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a cute little plaid jacket that doesn’t make me look like a used car salesman at all. right?

Every time I wear a vintage blazer I have a moment of asking myself,  “Do I look like I am about to sell a used car or some real estate?” I don’t know why…maybe watching too much television as a child. But I do love a blazer, even in summer. To be honest, it’s so hot that I don’t stay outside wearing it very long, but it’s perfect when in a blast of air conditioning.  And since the heat wilts any hairstyle I attempt, a grown up ponytail is essential to beat heat. What summer tricks are you up to to avoid looking wilted?

Vintage blazer and purse
Gap shorts
Target tank & shoes



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My pants might make you dizzy even without 3d glasses

When I first found these vintage pants I thought I would sell them on etsy rather than keep them. If I look at the pattern too long it makes me dizzy, thus they might require too much courage on my part to wear. But they have some nice stretch making them the perfect post baby pants after both pregnancies. And I am not a “gain just a little” kinda girl when I am preggers. It doesn’t come off as quickly as I would like, but the little lemondrops are worth stretch pants. Do you have any fave transitional clothing when you aren’t in your best shape?

Pleather jacket (thrifted)
Vintage pants
Handmade acorn necklace (giveaway here)

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