My pants might make you dizzy even without 3d glasses

When I first found these vintage pants I thought I would sell them on etsy rather than keep them. If I look at the pattern too long it makes me dizzy, thus they might require too much courage on my part to wear. But they have some nice stretch making them the perfect post baby pants after both pregnancies. And I am not a “gain just a little” kinda girl when I am preggers. It doesn’t come off as quickly as I would like, but the little lemondrops are worth stretch pants. Do you have any fave transitional clothing when you aren’t in your best shape?

Pleather jacket (thrifted)
Vintage pants
Handmade acorn necklace (giveaway here)

On the bright side, I have this plaid trapeze coat to wear

I am all about having a streamlined, organized closet, especially in the new year. I try to be strict about what I can keep and what is too much of a good thing. But when your weight is fluctuating as much as mine has the past couple of months, it’s helpful to be somewhat of a packrat. Did I need to keep this little plaid coat when I have so many vintage coats and not much cold weather? Well, no.  But it does make me smile when I wear it lately because it’s cheery, bright, and covers the bump completely.

By all means, weed that closet. But think carefully about pieces that tug your heartstrings… a piece you part with just might make a hard week a little brighter.

Miss American Pie and my favorite Fryes

I am in the midst of a plaid field day with cooler weather and some great vintage finds. I feel like the luckiest plaid lover ever to find this patriotic plaid to wear around the election! No matter your side, we should all be pro red, white and blue. These Frye shoes have taken me through a few Autumns, but only get better with age. I love America, plaid and fall…. what a sappy post this is. I will stop before I burst into song. Hope your day is spent with some clothes you love too!

plaid vintage dress corduroy jacket outfit

red plaid vintage dress corduroy jacket outfit

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