Matching is overrated, right?

Perhaps those little Garanimals outfits with their easy mix and match design overly influenced my idea of when I can mix and match things … perhaps I am too type A. Whatever the reason I was quite behind at pattern mixing until the blogosphere convinced me that going a little mixing crazy is fun. I like this skirt, I like this sweater- I think that I will wear them…together!  And while the rest of my immediate real time world isn’t as pattern hip as you probably are, I am going to ignore them and keep my mixing fun in the mix. Who knows what pattern collaborations are in my future? Oh the colors that await! Are you a mix master or a recovering Garanimals pattern follower?

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Long time, no see (or get dressed)…

I had the remaining three weeks of my pregnancy mapped out-things to do (finish room for baby, not done), things to wear (ordered maxi dresses that are now too big), and rest to prepare (ha).  But Baby B disregarded my schedule and came early- I can’t believe I bought dresses I can’t wear! But that’s a closet rant for another day, one in which I am somewhat rested.  For the past month I have hung out in yoga pants, nursing apparel, and spit up. I think my mascara dried out. Shockingly I decided to get dressed this weekend and put on makeup- but I am taking it slow and grabbed something I depended upon in the last days of my pregnancy, inspired by Elaine of Clothed Much who looks fabulous in her maxi dresses at various stages of preggerness. I will take slow steps to more fitted apparel and eventually pants- but want to avoid depressing myself by trying to jump into fitted jeans.  So for now, long live my maxis (dresses, not anything else that starts with maxi now that I think on that prefix).

Missoni scarf/Merona Sweater/Yellow Box shoes
Dress remixed

Early boy…rare quiet moment

I’m a busy bee, so why not look like one?

Back to school season is so hectic for us that I feel like it’s the most stressful time of the year! In fact, my bags seem to get bigger with each week in order to carry everything I need. Shoulder aches, bad menu choices, and tired feet for weeks. But I had a lovely August thanks to some fabulous sponsors who offered fab giveaways, some of which are still on now… so enter! The other thing that makes this time of year bearable is a successful thrifting jaunt, and I was lucky to find this new little black dress from Kohl’s whilst on my latest one. I always feel like a bee in this combination but I am drawn to it anyway. What’s keeping you happy in the bustle this month?

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