hip, hip hooray, I am comfy without yoga pants and somewhat stylish even while sleep deprived

Post baby dressing is traumatic to say the least… perhaps why so many busy new mothers prefer yoga pants to any item of clothing with structure. This light dress is comfy enough to wear to sit on the floor but still polished enough to not embarrass my kids when they look back at the countless pictures we are snapping.  I’d like to say that this is beachy hair, but with two small children the closest I get to beachy hair is going to bed with wet hair and waking up with messy waves. Presto- hair style for Mama Lemondrop. If only pedicures could do themselves overnight.

I wear my leather cuff from Michelle V. all of the time. It’s personalized with a stanza from a poem that reminds me of my son. If you’d like to win something special from her shop enter our giveaway here! Happy non-yoga pant Monday!

Dress Stylemint, via Zulilly
Shoes via local boutique
Acorn necklace by me
Leather Cuff, Michelle V


Long time, no see (or get dressed)…

I had the remaining three weeks of my pregnancy mapped out-things to do (finish room for baby, not done), things to wear (ordered maxi dresses that are now too big), and rest to prepare (ha).  But Baby B disregarded my schedule and came early- I can’t believe I bought dresses I can’t wear! But that’s a closet rant for another day, one in which I am somewhat rested.  For the past month I have hung out in yoga pants, nursing apparel, and spit up. I think my mascara dried out. Shockingly I decided to get dressed this weekend and put on makeup- but I am taking it slow and grabbed something I depended upon in the last days of my pregnancy, inspired by Elaine of Clothed Much who looks fabulous in her maxi dresses at various stages of preggerness. I will take slow steps to more fitted apparel and eventually pants- but want to avoid depressing myself by trying to jump into fitted jeans.  So for now, long live my maxis (dresses, not anything else that starts with maxi now that I think on that prefix).

Missoni scarf/Merona Sweater/Yellow Box shoes
Dress remixed

Early boy…rare quiet moment

Really casual on casual Friday

Everyone I’ve worked with over the past few years just loves casual Friday jeans day… except me. I like jeans occasionally, especially in the winter with a great chunky vintage sweater. But I find them a little boring most days …unless they are bright green. So here is my casual Friday look. It has denim so I think I should fit in. And because it’s a maxi dress I get to have one of the cupcakes I made little lemondrop. Happy Casual Cupcake Friday! I hope you’ve had a chance to visit one a Road Trip giveaway blog and enter the multi-blog/multi-etsy giveaways! I think those cupcakes made me a little too excited. I have an urge to add an exclamation point to every sentence.

Huggtopus from Hullabalu


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