come on by my house, I want to give you a giveaway

Thank you so much for your visit. Lemondrop is my archived vintage wardrobe and articles on my vintage life and hunts. To see what I am doing right now and enter the latest giveaway I hope you’ll come over to my blog In Our Happy Place. Soon, okay? I miss your face.

a new giveaway

Glad you are here to visit, but I am over here at, blogging about my happy place, having a giveaway, and eating cookies. Stop by why don’t ya?

I like big bags and I cannot lie

Things I like about this outfit post…

  • my ginormous mom Dooney. I have all my stuff plus crackers, toy trains, and handy wipes for emergencies. It takes over the outfit, but at least I love the color.
  • a haircut! First one in months. The hubs watched the kids and I went to my stylist alone. For an hour. Bliss.
  • my dress, thrifted for $8, it’s 100% silk and comfy
  • the adorable accessories from Tiny Bee that YOU can win in a giveaway!
Do you carry a ginormous bag (mom or no) that takes over your outfits?

 Cute fabric bag and earrings from the Tiny Bee, enter the giveaway!

Linking up with Molly for FundayMonday & Watch What I’m Wearing today, go visit.

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