Mustard, ketchup, my outfit in condiment colors

I don’t wear this many bright colors together often enough… and when I put this on the first thing that came to mind was that I am wearing the perfect colors to serve hotdogs. I don’t actually eat hotdogs…except that time when I was pregnant and it sounded really good. Alas, sounded is the operative word in the sentence. At least I only ate a kosher one. But I digress. Perhaps it’s the big appetite I have since I am nursing a baby, but I even think of the purse in terms of food. Doesn’t it look like a fancy cupcake? No? Speaking of cupcakes, I have some planned. See? I am hungry a lot.

PS- which spelling do you use? Ketchup or catsup?

Dress, Old Navy/ Tights, Target
Jacket, Mizrahi (thrifted!)
Necklace, etsy/ Purse, vintage
Booties, Zappos

Whooo Wu for Spring

We’ve had a slight chill in the air round here this week, and I am just flat out thrilled with it. I can wear Spring dresses with another layer and drive the price per wear down on all of those  jackets I bought that are quite unneeded in Central Texas. This little 70’s trench style coat is a perfect example…too light for winter and we have such a short Spring that it hardly gets out of the closet. I am even considering adding it to the shop to get some much needed closet space.

Did you purchase any Jason Wu at Target? I am surprised that this dress ran slightly larger than most designer collaboration sizes at Target, but at least it’s  a ladylike length that I can wear to see my grandmother or the ladies at church…not to mention chasing the little lemondrop. Many of my previous designer collaboration purchases prohibit bending over.

Happy Spring friends, can I get a Whoo whoo?

Vintage locket/Fossil watch

a drab flower day, I am so difficult

So it’s summer, and florals abound. But my favorite colors are autumnal, and I guess I was channeling fall when I grabbed these pieces from my closet for a day of errands. 4/5 of this outfit has a flower on it- even the cargos have small floral details, but nary a pastel to be found until my purse joined in. Why can’t I embrace pastels in honor of the season? I am so difficult. Or perhaps I should get back to some closet organization to help me focus. Maybe tomorrow…

Vintage: purse, top, ring
Thrift watch
Merona cardi, shoes
Lemondrop Vintage necklace
Old Navy Cargo

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