In which I lazily copy a clothing ad for my outfit, but am thrilled that it actually fits and is on sale

Something I really try to avoid? Maternity clothes. I know it isn’t fair to hate the entire idea of them based on a few bad items, but many are poorly made, too expensive for the quality, and ugly. So I just keep wearing whatever I can in larger sizes. This does not always work… but when it does I am a happy round girl.  And when the items are on clearance… happier and in the mood for cupcakes. Who am I kidding? I am always in the mood for cupcakes, this just makes me want to have a Starbucks decaf latte with them. I saw this outfit in one of Target’s promos and instead of remixing or adding something vintage today as I usually do I just wore it as it. Lazy day- and when you are preggers and hot you can still wear open toed shoes in pretty chilly temps! Hope you find something on sale and celebrate today too!
Dress and blouse Target, Kirna Zabete
Shoes, Mossimo
Bag, Dooney

It’s my party and I’ll give if I want to.

This is my birthday week… what? You only do stuff on one day? I want cupcakes a little longer than that, thank you. It’s my human and blog bday merged into one bout of funness.  So- to celebrate I’ve lined up fabulous giveaways all month long. I have wonderful sites and shops to highlight for you, and we’ve already started with the lovely Luscious Metals swallow necklace! Now I can share another gorgeous piece with you- and the winner chooses her own. Visit the Sakura Pink giveaway and stay tuned for more birthday surprises in August.  You know, Hobbits give to others on their birthdays, so maybe I’ve a little hobbit in me. I am comparable to them in height if not hairy feet. See toes as evidence, please. Happy Lemondrop August!

Vintage bag, skirt from vintage material

Sakura Pink necklace

I try watermelon toes.


Wildflowers, not wallflowers

A short drive down a country road yields neat little stores and wildflowers during a Texas Springtime… I almost don’t miss my fave tights, coats, and plaid. But I will come summer when I am a bit over all of my flower madness.  This maxi dress is super comfy, and usually serves as my casual Friday wear.  It puts me in mind of a summer vacation and I definitely don’t fade into the woodwork with it on. So far no one has asked me for a lei or when I returned from my Hawaii trip while I am wearing it… but I will keep you posted. How’s your Spring shapin’ up?
Vintage locket
Maxi and blazer= thrifted
Shoes= Lulus
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