things I am too old to buy, but I do anyway

I gave away all of my overalls quite some time ago, but I found these recently whilst thrifting, and shamelessly purchased them. From the junior department. For a dollar. I have also recently purchased Bonne Bell lipgloss, a fudge bomb ice cream, and glitter nail polish. It’s summer, when you don’t want to act your age. Um, right?

Vintage thrifted overalls
Jones NY shirt, Kork Ease shoes
Dooney and Bourke bag

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somedays a girl just has to match

I’d like to warmly welcome these pants to my wardrobe, since they might be feeling intimidated by the overage of skirts and dresses …and the lack of trousers. It’s not that I don’t like pants, as one coworker who noticed their lack in my daily wear assumed. It’s just that being short, recently pregnant, and grumpy about said conditions makes pant shopping tedious. So thank you again Target, for being such a good friend to thrifty girls everywhere. And because I was feeling so perky about these fitting, I found two ways to match- my shirt to my shoes and my belt to my purse! Once a Garanimal girl always a Garanimal girl.

 Pants & shoes via Target

Vintage shirt

Dooney and Bourke bag

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It fits, it fits! And it only took a year.

I bought this vintage dress right around the time I found out I was pregnant with the second lemondrop, and never had a chance to wear it. By the time I was feeling up to getting dressed it was already to small… and then way too small. I put it away and waited until this summer to try again. I am not where I would like to be on post preggers weight, but there are more important things, like enjoying time with littles and eating to best produce for breastfeeding. And hey, if said eating includes a cupcake or two…it’s all in the name of producing enough milk. That’s my story and I am stickin’ to it.

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