easy Easter cupcakes, what the little lemondrop ate

The Lemondrops are cupcake obsessed. They are an easy and fun way to brighten our day, and I love making the little lemondrop smile with the decorations. True, any sweet brings out the pearly whites, but if they have a theme I also get a, “WOW”. To make the nests I raided my pantry and found the last of the pretzels and some Oatmeal Squares cereal. We used chocolate Easter candy and good old jelly beans. What sweet treats are you planning this weekend?

Valentine cupcake decorations for people who failed Home Ec

I will never be Martha Stewart enough to make fantastic desserts for my child’s Valentine’s Day parties at school, but I am thrifty enough to come up with something cutsie and easy instead of  buying store decorated cupcakes. The icing on those is not for me! I even recycled the cake mix box to make stencils for the decorating… thrifty and quick when you don’t have supplies to decorate baked items.  I think I’ll do a better job the second time around, but these are just fine with my little Cupid.  Hope your Valentine Day is lovely and easy on you too!

sad face…cupcakes all gone

Tidy Tuesday, messy drawers are not fun

I love books about organization, don’t you? so inspiring… but putting them into practice can be somewhat challenging.  I am reading Organizing from the Inside Out this month, and I am working on my sort, purge, and assign a home strategies.  Sometime I just take things slowly… one chest of drawers at a time. This vintage one belongs to the Little Lemondrop and he is quite a handful to dress already, nevermind when I can’t find things quickly. So in honor of the changing weather I sorted and purged those little pants and shirts down to a manageable amount, and then created almost free colorful dividers to keep things sorted. I’ve done the same thing to several of my own drawers, including my unmentionables. That way I can find the styles or colors there I need in no time. Want super organized drawers without spending money on organizers?  Here’s one I did in an afternoon, two more followed for jammies and winter sweaters.

Wrap your divider in your inexpensive, fun paper.

Put like with like to find things quickly, these are all spring/summer weight except the jeans. I can find things in a pinch now. And by pinch I mean when someone is soiling a diaper and yelling about a lost car or ball.

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