things I am too old to buy, but I do anyway

I gave away all of my overalls quite some time ago, but I found these recently whilst thrifting, and shamelessly purchased them. From the junior department. For a dollar. I have also recently purchased Bonne Bell lipgloss, a fudge bomb ice cream, and glitter nail polish. It’s summer, when you don’t want to act your age. Um, right?

Vintage thrifted overalls
Jones NY shirt, Kork Ease shoes
Dooney and Bourke bag

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a cute little plaid jacket that doesn’t make me look like a used car salesman at all. right?

Every time I wear a vintage blazer I have a moment of asking myself,  “Do I look like I am about to sell a used car or some real estate?” I don’t know why…maybe watching too much television as a child. But I do love a blazer, even in summer. To be honest, it’s so hot that I don’t stay outside wearing it very long, but it’s perfect when in a blast of air conditioning.  And since the heat wilts any hairstyle I attempt, a grown up ponytail is essential to beat heat. What summer tricks are you up to to avoid looking wilted?

Vintage blazer and purse
Gap shorts
Target tank & shoes



 Linking up with Molly for FundayMonday today, go visit.


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Hat hair and hiking boots, it’s not Spring yet

Remember when mom said keeping your head covered would keep you warmer? She was totally right! A few flowers are blooming in our yard, and afternoons are warming, but bare legs are all the nod I can give to Spring just yet. Admittedly this is slightly dressed up for me only 7 weeks after welcoming the newest member of our family.  I can’t wait to have the energy to wear nonmom clothes daily, but with so little sleep, dressing like an adult isn’t a daily event just yet.  And it’s been tough getting into a much needed exercise program. What cozy things are getting you through the end of winter?

Handmade hat, vintage bag
Gap jacket, Target dress
Zappos boots


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