a shady giveaway from shady dealin’ (ends 10.05.13)

If you want some attention when you wear your sunnies, you need to visit ShadyDealin.com  I cannot leave the house wearing these and not receive a compliment, or six. These are not sunglasses for wallflowers! Perfect for vintage lovers and modern gals alike, I can’t wait to share this cute giveaway with you!

Megan Milliken, designer of these sweet sunnies (aka Shady Mae) has been crafty her whole life.  Combining her passion for crafting with her love of all things cute and sparkly, Megan created ShadyDealin, a line of hand embellished sunglasses.  Starting with cute cat eye, heart shaped, and wayfarer style frames in bold colors, ShadyDealin sunnies get the royal treatment with bows, cameos, roses, rhinestones, cup chain, and of course glitter!  Visit ShadyDealin.com to find your favorite pair.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

vintage road trip giveaway 2013

I am so excited to introduce to you some fabulous blogs and stores dedicated to quality vintage clothing, accessories, housewares, and more. No need to travel to see amazing shops all over the globe when you can take our virtual trip. To see each vintage enthusiast’s site just click on their image below. We are all offering one winner a bit of our collections. Interested?

Fill in the rafflecopter form and you’re on the trip!  The first six entries are mandatory to win, but the rest are optional for additional chances to be the one to win it all! This road trip is a lot easier than the normal car sort- instead of motion sickness prize wonderfulness abounds.
Best of luck!

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

sweet bow giveaway from Comfortology

Every girl loves a little dose of comfort and pretty in her day! Denysia feels the same way and has opened a shop full of cuteness to help us.

Check out just a few of my faves from the shop and meet Denysia of Comfortology

I’ve always had a creative side. When I was younger, my mom used to sign me up for art and drawing classes. I always loved those classes so of course when the opportunity came up to open my own shop, I decided why not? The name Comfortology came from the idea of comfortable things for those of you who love to live life to the fullest. I love adorable things, and making cute items for an affordable price was always my goal. I always try to make my prices the lowest on Etsy!I took a class in college for jewelry making, and during that class, we had to keep a journal of all the things that inspire us. I also took a World art class, and photography. And while I really enjoyed those classes, I think my creativity has flowed out of me, and into my items. And since then, I’ve been inspired by a lot of things. I’ve traveled around the world, and while I loved it, I think that there is no better place than home!
All items in my shop, are handmade by myself, and I support the handmade community. If you have any questions about the items in my shop, or just want to say hello, please feel free to message me!

handmade hair bow

floral blossom crown

handmade cute hair accessory

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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