sweet friday! dreamy orange cupcakes

dreamscicle cupcakes

 Are you a fan of dreamscicles?  I am when it’s summertime! That’s why I tried my hand at sugaring oranges and making orange cupcakes with vanilla and orange frosting. Perfect for a summer afternoon snack. Or three.

orange vanilla frosted cupcake

sugared oranges orange cupcakes

Another dreamy thing in the house!

sweet friday, on the go cupcakes because we are always on the go

iced cupcakes mint and chocolate

We are always on the go around here… and it’s back to school time for two of us in the  house. As a fan of all things mint I loved these chocolate & mint cupcakes. The Duncan Hines Frosting Creations really can help you find a new favorite cupcake! I have tried adding extract or fresh ingredients to get the icing this minty, but this was super easy and I love the color.

cupcake with diy to go container

How’s a girl to have her cupcake and eat it pretty? Make your own to go container with the things you already have… A plastic punch cup, ziploc bag (if you don’t have plastic wrap for gift giving) and a bow. I added a note for the hubs.

cupcake with diy to go container

chocolate mint cupcakes mint icing

And we are off. Happy weekend.


sweet! cherry cherry pineapple cupcakes. so fruity it’s almost a muffin.

real cherry pineapple cupcake

For some reason the usual old pineapple upside down cake is not for me. So I made these pineapple cupcakes using the traditional mix with fresh pineapple pieces added.  I placed a few extra pieces of pineapple on top and check out the cute clover shape result! Instead of the expected glaze the icing is plain white with pureed cherry pieces added in. Messy, gooey, pretty pink cherry goodness.  Add a fresh cherry to top instead of a jarred maraschino and this ain’t your mama’s pineapple cake. The perfect summery cupcake, according to someone in our house.

cherry cupcakes icing

sharing these with the Shabby Nest & pink Saturday today.

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