my grandmother dressed me today

Bun, check. Little old lady shorts, check. Blouse and cardi for conservative coverage, check. My mother and my grandmother approve. I usually dress the way that pleases me, but I do have the tendency to worry about dressing “appropriately” in specific situations. Family picnics, church, work days…but sometimes little old lady is just fine. Especially when hanging with older people who might look askance at my back tattoo. The exposed one on my foot is enough for today.I feel that I sometimes have multiple wardrobe personalities.  Do you dress for the company you keep – aside from work clothing?

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And now we return to our regularly scheduled program (I hope)

I am now completely convinced that taking your vitamins and getting enough rest is essential to feeling your best. New baby and no sleep makes a tired mama who gets sick way too easily.  I am hoping that I am back on my clog wearing feet for the rest of the spring now! And I even snuck in a visit to Target that was not solely in response to a need for meds, diapers, or nasal sprays. Would it be wrong to head back to Target to get this dress in any other color available? Really comfy…and washable so I can get anything the little lemondrops apply to it right off. Have you splurged on anything springy (& that you don’t need) lately?

Necklace via Pink Poppyseed on etsy


My outfit posts come with puppies, beat that high Fashion blogs…

I know you can see a vintage tunic turned maternity top anywhere, but with four cute puppies? I think not. If we are friends on instagram you may have seen these little darlings when they were first ready for adoption. My mother is working with a rescue group to find homes for them and the mama dog she found wandering around on her own in the country. So sad, but I hope their story has a Christmas ending. If you are considering a pet, please visit your local shelter first. So many animals eager for a home.  We have three rescue dogs and two rescue cats already or one of these would be mine for keepers.

Eyeshadow c/o Madison Street Beauty, giveaway coming this week!
Two puppies and a bump

There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.- Bern Williams

Puppies are nature’s remedy for feeling unloved, plus numerous other ailments of life.- Richard Allan Palm
It’s not nice to play favorites, but this is my fave scruffy puppy. Christmas, Mr. Lemondrop?

Vintage remixed dress from skinnier days is now a maternity shirt
Target jeggings & Lotta clogs

Mama dog, so sweet and up for adoption in Austin

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