The Lemondrops get into the spirit of Christmas, and a fireplace scene for your house

Just a little visit in the preChristmas mess living room… I tried to introduce some red for the season. We have a few little Charlie Brown trees, and that’s all I can manage this year.  This is the third color scheme I’ve tried this year…can’t wait to repaint the walls and really get creative. As long as its thrifty and vintage I love to redecorate for each season.  If I can manage it I am going to pink it up for Val Day next. Hope your Christmas is full of something old, new and loved.

Vintage: Couch, washstand, lamp, glass vase, red chair, ottoman pre slipcover, pillow fabric, religious statue and framed print.

We recently visited a winter carnival and enjoyed all of the scenery. Lucky for us it was a warmish night (not so lucky for the cocoa vendors). The little Lemondrop enjoyed watching the rides… that’s enough for us for now.

Click controls to hear music…
This fireplace scene from Hulu plays forever! We don’t have a fireplace so this was fun to watch when we enlarge the screen.

Black velvet and sequins for day, because I feel like it

I am quite sure that this little sequined dress from Target will be worn by lots of small waisted people on the way to a holiday party this year, and that I may be the only silly pregnant woman who insists that it is a daytime wardrobe option… but you can’t blame a girl for trying. Everyone deserves a little sequins during the holidays, even when the sequins are splayed across an impressively large tummy. Are you wearing sequins and velvet during daylight, or are you less tacky—er— more conservative?

Oh Christmas Tree (pin)

This is my all time favorite getting in the spirit of Christmas dress. Let’s count the ways it’s Christmas comfy… easily expandable waist for holiday snacks, plaid, gold ornament zipper, plaid, pockets, and plaid. And from one of my most favorite vintage experts of all time,Sally Jane Vintage. All important components of a comfy dress for me. How is your holiday kicking off, dearest readers? Safe and lovely holidays to you.
Pin and bag, vintage
Shoes, Fryes
Sweater, Target
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