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Why is it that when I start to clean the bathroom I find 47 bottles of lotion that I haven’t ever used? Then I get distracted and start to organize and forget to clean the tub. It’s always a work in progress, but I love vintage vessels as thrifty organization tools in my bathroom. From the vintage dresser repurposed for a vanity, to the vintage vases that hold everything from cutips to makeup brushes, I love the touch of vintage anywhere in my house.  Vintage milk glass vases are perfect to contain bathroom necessities, can be found inexpensively, and can mix into so many decorating schemes. I even have a vintage chair to perch upon as I put on makeup. Do you use a touch of vintage in every room too?

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progress on the work in progress, a room for boys(and whales) in an old house

In our 100 year old house it’s difficult to have everything just so- what most mothers would like to have before the babies arrive. That didn’t work out since the youngest came earlier than expected, but the newly renovated bedroom for the two boys was really worth the wait. We still have some finishing touches to work on, but the lemondrops all like spending time in this new room. Kudos to Daddy LD for working hard to get it done.

The littlest lemondrop is on the changing table, & not happy about it.

Because the littlest lemondrops are sharing a room one has a twin bed and one has a crib, and mama has a couch and rocking chair to deal with each of them. We were blessed to receive the lovely original artwork above from Kathy, a family friend. We’ve been looking for nautical things to compliment it ever since!

Twin bed, table, chair and armchair, Pottery Barn outlet
Family handmedowns, crib & changing table
Target sheets
Vintage quilt, couch with slipcover
Thrifted ottoman

tidy tuesday, repurposed bedside tables

Now that we are in a smaller bedroom, we are trying to reduce visual and physical clutter, while repurposing things we already have. I have some great bedside table options, but I have already decided I want something small next to our bedside. I’ve tried a chair because it’s functional, already here and a good size. But then, the little lemondrop decided to use it to crawl on the bed daily. So, after cruising the web and pinterest I tried something else for now, one of my vintage crocks that’s normally on display on a shelf. It’s a little low, but serves the purpose of book, clock and glasses holder. Plus it’s heavy enough not to be shoved over by small hands.  Are you a bedside table traditionalist or have you tried something original?

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