My heart is in Hawaii. Alas, my heels are still at home

This dress always makes me think of an oceanside vacation…perhaps in Hawaii? Not that I have been, but I imagine it would look lovely bedecked in leis… Unfortunately there are no plans to visit a vacation spot for the forseeable future (which may be why my expression is so serious). That’s okay, I can keep California dreamin’- and throw some Hawaii dreaming in there too if I like. Who’s with me? Happy blue Monday friends, hope yours is the blue of a pool, ocean, or fruity cocktail.

Are you going to try a photo a day? Read more here.

Silk, stripes, and comfortable heels, all in one post

I love Spring, it’s the perfect season for a light little dress, but I can still wear loads of cardis without feeling like an overly layered old lady. You know the ones? It’s ninety-eight degrees out and they have on mohair, hose, and closed toe shoes. I am a cardi-lover from way back, and LOVE it when I can find them at Target while I am buying diapers and milk. Win/win one stop shopping for everyone except the Little Lemondrop who just wants out of the shopping cart. Are you a cardi girl? And where do you get them if so? I feel very Emma Pillsbury if I find the right one.

If you are here reading it might just be because my google reader is working now! Thank you for sticking with me through the morass that is the web and wordpress transition.

Super comfy Clarks shoes, I can run in these

Thrifted silk dress/Target Cardi

Vintage purse and necklace

No more black pants

I went to get dressed today and stood pondering my closet contents. When did plaid become a staple in my closet instead of khaki pants and black sweaters? A few years ago I had the typical American closet, tons of practical solid colored pants (more black than a professional waiter),  plain cardigan sweaters, and tights that didn’t stand out. Now I open the doors to find everything plaid, patterned or one of a kind vintage.  Even this go to cardi is slightly bedecked. I blame my blog reading and writing habits… I see creativity and I want to emulate that instead of a Gap ad (not that a great pair of Gap khakis is all bad). What’s your closet like? Full of color and fun or all business and seriousness? 

Dress= thrifted
Sweater + tights= Target
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