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Today I am sharing these little lovelies at my blog, In Our Happy Place. I hope you’ve decided to follow me there!  I have three great giveaways on now, one ending soon, herehere and here!

lemon and chocolate chip cupcake




packing my bags and hanging out a happy shingle

I’ve been blogging here at Lemondrop Vintage for several years- and I have loved just about every minute.  As my life has become more crowded with sippy cups and finger paints it has been harder to stick to the original focus I had for this blog, a celebration of vintage clothing and home.  Life encroaches on blog posts in non-vintage centric ways quite often lately and it has made me think… like little boys a blog needs room to grow. So- instead of squishing myself and my writing into a self-made box I am branching out to another address on the internets. I hope you will join me at inourhappyplace.com where I will still share my vintage obsessions but with a dash of real life, hobbies, and happy pursuits thrown in. To celebrate I have some interviews with artists and giveaways lined up for the fall!  You will see other posts before the end of the month, but please join me at my new home too. I will be excited to welcome you!

I hope to see you soon @


 “According to aerodynamic laws, the bumblebee cannot fly.
Its body weight is not the right proportion to its wingspan. Ignoring these laws, the bee flies anyway.”
― M. Sainte-Lague


Actual bee and flower in my own backyard to go with one of my favorite happy quotes.

first day of (blog conference) school

Do you remember planning your outfit for the first day of school? I would really want to dress up- but at the same time be slightly self conscious about looking like a bit of a dork for doing so. Jeans were the cool trend- but I loved wearing a dress and nice shoes. I usually went with what I felt was more “me”, not what was approved by everyone else. That’s what I recommend for you if you get to go to a blog conference like the Texas Style Council to meet friends and learn something new. You might as well show them right away who you are, right? Unfortunately for me my first pick vintage dress was held up at the tailors, so I went with something that showed other favorites. I love prints, orange, big bags and slightly tacky thrifty finds. Wearing something “me” helps me find people who have the same interests. It’s like wearing a sign that says, “Hi! I am a thrifty vintage lover and I want to tell you all about it!” What do you wear that shouts, “This is me!”

Dress, Luxe
Bag, Dooney
Shoes, Target
Necklace, Vintage & thrifted

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