Black velvet and sequins for day, because I feel like it

I am quite sure that this little sequined dress from Target will be worn by lots of small waisted people on the way to a holiday party this year, and that I may be the only silly pregnant woman who insists that it is a daytime wardrobe option… but you can’t blame a girl for trying. Everyone deserves a little sequins during the holidays, even when the sequins are splayed across an impressively large tummy. Are you wearing sequins and velvet during daylight, or are you less tacky—er— more conservative?

Cranberry cravings and pretty little necklaces

Perhaps it’s the navy and cranberrry together, but this whole outfit smacks of a school uniform for a private school teacher.   I have been craving wearing more cranberry lately and this vintage blazer popped up just in time.  Thank goodness for my lovely little necklace that keeps me from looking too teacherish.  And what makes it even more lovely is the tiny message only I can see.

Nanostyle sent me this sweet crystal pendant engraved in 24kt gold with a cross.  Each of the their pendants carries a message of faith, love, and more… especially for the wearer to see.  The pendants are made with a unique, high resolution imprint that is stamped in gold upon the stone. Although you can clearly see each symbol when ordering,  only you and your loved one will know its special message. What a gorgeous way to celebrate a special occasion, or a way to always have a message of your faith with you.   To learn more about Nanostyle you can visit their FacebookTwitter, or Pinterest.

Pendant with cross c/o Nanostyle

Vintage blazer and dress, Frye shoes, Dooney purse


All the news that’s fit to wear, my CFR find!

Last week when I was browsing a consignment shop run by a stanch guard of little old ladies who sniff at vintage clothing (they prefer new with tags), I found this Christian Francis Roth blazer. I squealed. They stared. I loved learning about this designer’s  gorgeous current line, but he is famous for the splash he made with his early 90’s entrance into fashion.  His crayon dress was well known, but I was happy to find this blazer filled with book excerpts . Wendy Brandes has a great two part post on more of CFR’s vintage designs here with more lovely designs to admire.  This is my second good vintage find at that shop, so I plan to continue to brave the old lady stares in search of more. What do you put up with to find fun fashion, friends?


Shoes, eBay
Dress, Famosa

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