hip, hip hooray, I am comfy without yoga pants and somewhat stylish even while sleep deprived

Post baby dressing is traumatic to say the least… perhaps why so many busy new mothers prefer yoga pants to any item of clothing with structure. This light dress is comfy enough to wear to sit on the floor but still polished enough to not embarrass my kids when they look back at the countless pictures we are snapping.  I’d like to say that this is beachy hair, but with two small children the closest I get to beachy hair is going to bed with wet hair and waking up with messy waves. Presto- hair style for Mama Lemondrop. If only pedicures could do themselves overnight.

I wear my leather cuff from Michelle V. all of the time. It’s personalized with a stanza from a poem that reminds me of my son. If you’d like to win something special from her shop enter our giveaway here! Happy non-yoga pant Monday!

Dress Stylemint, via Zulilly
Shoes via local boutique
Acorn necklace by me
Leather Cuff, Michelle V


Really, I am not selling ice cream, I just like white.

Sometimes when I wear a lot of white I feel as if someone expects me to have a truck full of cold summer treats waiting at the curb. But this month’s EBEW monochromatic theme is here, and I do really love my little white vintage dress. I’ve worn it a lot over the years, but its so well made that it can take lots of wear, cleaning, and more wear. While getting dressed I realized that I have very few pairs of white shoes in my closet! And the ones I do have were flats… something I avoid wearing when I can. YAY! An item I can add to my shopping list with little to no guilt, more white heels. Or wedges.

What’s your color of the week my friends?

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Its plain as black and white that it is Spring!

Hope your Easter was hopping with good times, ours was very warm and busy. This dress was great for walking in as we pushed the Little Lemondrop in his stroller down a historic avenue. It’s new, but I love the retro buttons and collar! It’s great when I can find something at a (gasp) boutique to fit my vintage vibe. What great things did you find this spring that you can’t wait to share?
I am too lazy to try cute bunny fingernails, but I did a toe.
Dress, Twenty One
Shoes, Lulu’s
Watch, Pedre
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