On the bright side, I have this plaid trapeze coat to wear

I am all about having a streamlined, organized closet, especially in the new year. I try to be strict about what I can keep and what is too much of a good thing. But when your weight is fluctuating as much as mine has the past couple of months, it’s helpful to be somewhat of a packrat. Did I need to keep this little plaid coat when I have so many vintage coats and not much cold weather? Well, no.  But it does make me smile when I wear it lately because it’s cheery, bright, and covers the bump completely.

By all means, weed that closet. But think carefully about pieces that tug your heartstrings… a piece you part with just might make a hard week a little brighter.

Black velvet and sequins for day, because I feel like it

I am quite sure that this little sequined dress from Target will be worn by lots of small waisted people on the way to a holiday party this year, and that I may be the only silly pregnant woman who insists that it is a daytime wardrobe option… but you can’t blame a girl for trying. Everyone deserves a little sequins during the holidays, even when the sequins are splayed across an impressively large tummy. Are you wearing sequins and velvet during daylight, or are you less tacky—er— more conservative?

What fits now… kinda, and my new fave vintage tote

This is it, the beginning of the long haul where nothing fits and I hate the closet full of clothes I have to ignore because I can’t squeeze into them. But I can do it. I could of course, go maternity shopping, but I prefer to thrift and wear sustainable fashion when I can and save the spending on maternity for special occasions.  This comfy Woolrich vest was a new purchase and has given me a little extra layering through several sizes. I think I may be able to get it through one or two more and wear it next year too.

 One thing from my closet I can still smile at is this mustard tote to haul around various oddities I need… a bottle of water, tums, and other assorted preggers must haves you’d probably have no interest in.  Hope you are wearing or carrying something you love today!

Dress (remixed) & Cardi/Target
Vest/Woolrich via Amazon


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