I like big bags and I cannot lie

Things I like about this outfit post…

  • my ginormous mom Dooney. I have all my stuff plus crackers, toy trains, and handy wipes for emergencies. It takes over the outfit, but at least I love the color.
  • a haircut! First one in months. The hubs watched the kids and I went to my stylist alone. For an hour. Bliss.
  • my dress, thrifted for $8, it’s 100% silk and comfy
  • the adorable accessories from Tiny Bee that YOU can win in a giveaway!
Do you carry a ginormous bag (mom or no) that takes over your outfits?

 Cute fabric bag and earrings from the Tiny Bee, enter the giveaway!

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Feeling fruity. And why not? It’s summer.

I don’t exactly hunt for vintage dresses with fruit splashed across them, even if they might match my little corner of the internets…. But when I ran across this vintage 80’s dress covered in all kinds of fruit I didn’t argue with the Universe. I scooped it right up. Fruit is refreshing on a warm day, and so was this little black dress. Something new (and thriftily priced) always makes me feel a bit better. Here’s to lemonade and lemon dresses, friends! What little surprising find has happened in your world lately?

Did you enter this week’s giveaway? Ending soon!

In which I spy on spiders in cornfields while wearing polka dots

I have Mr. Lemondrop to thank for this lovely backdrop of growing corn. He was driving by a field and decided to bring the family back to see the waving stalks. I found a pretty spiderweb while walking in totally inappropriate heels.  It’s the little things that make your day; nature, being with your family, and polka dots. I wore this authentic 1980’s dress to an 80’s themed day at work and no one thought I had dressed up. They were all wearing Madonna cut up sweatshirts and neon. Sigh. So misunderstood. Hope your wardrobe choices receive better recognition.

Shoes, Lulu’s/ Dress, Vintage

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