When your friends really know you they buy you dresses. Whoop.

Dear Roxane,

Just in case the squeal of delight when you handed me this dress did not convince you I was appreciative, here is my internet WHOOP and thank you for the fabulous little dress you found at a garage sale. I cannot believe such a paragon of vintage virtue would be found amidst old Tupperware and cast off toys, but sometimes you have to leave no stone unturned. Thanks again for stone turning for me.  I will think of you each time I take a twirl in this dress. I wish everyone could have their friends as a personal shoppers now and then. How fun would that be? Unless of course your friend’s tastes resembled your mother’s.  That might not work out as well in my case.

Dress and bag= vintage

Shoes =Lotta from Stockholm


Country roads take me home, or to the nearest vintage shopping stop- either way

Hi, friends. Notice anything different here? I moved to a .com and am experiencing loads of challenges. Thanks for hanging with me.
We took a drive on a slow, hilly country road recently…it was beautiful but give me a quick jaunt to vintage shopping and a leisurely drive home instead any day. The anticipation of getting to a thrift or antique store is excruciating for me. 
 Driving up and down hills isn’t too much fun either, just in case you wondered. Anyone ever used lemonade for motion sickness?
Hope you have a smoooth day, friends, and good vintage hunting.
Vintage dress and bag
Lulu’s shoes
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