Casino dream night out

What would you wear on a night out to a casino?

Casino gambling has become a great way for couples to spend an evening. Some of this popularity can be traced back to online casinos such as which have helped more people learn casino games. One benefit to playing from home is that you can wear anything you choose.  However, this changes when one decides to visit abrick and mortar casino as these venues do have dress codes. These codes often vary between daytime play and play in the evening. Before heading out to a casino for the evening, ladies want to make sure they understand what type of dress is expected to avoid looking either overdressed or under dressed.
Dresses look great when worn to a casino in the evening. The best bet is to select a dress that is flattering without being too revealing.

Sheath dresses work well and can be made to look a little more casual when a cardigan or shrug is worn with them. Jewellery makes a perfect accessory. Choosing a more casual necklace can also help a dressier dress look a bit more casual for wearing to the casino. Maxi dresses are trendy today and are another terrific outfit to wear to the casino. A denim jacket or cardigan can help complete the look and provide additional layering in the evening the casino is chilly.
Do you prefer skirts given their versatility?

Most of us have pencil skirts in a variety of fabrics in our wardrobes and these work well for evening wear in the casino. If choosing a more casual fabric such as knit make sure to put it with a more formal top to balance out the look. Suits are too formal, but you can wear the jacket or the skirt as a separate with other garments.

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  • Marlen

    You know that I’ve never been to a casino?! I always have dreams of Bond scenes and slinky dresses,but in reality it’s probably just filled with little old ladies on penny slots, haha. I love the idea of getting all dolled up to go to one, and i think that pencil skirt outfit is SO pretty! I’m definitely filing that one away for later inspiration.

    xo marlen
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  • Laura Ingalls Gunn

    I absolutely adore the polka dotted pencil skirt! Happy St. Patrick’s Day weekend!

  • Alexey Semeney

    Nice shots!

  • Madeline

    I’ve never actually been to a night out to a casino, but I like the outfits you put together for this. :)