on attending a blog conference. yep, totally worth no sleep for days

Hello, friends! I am exhausted but so pleased that I attended Texas Style Council, an epic blog conference this past weekend.  When you have an infant keeping you up late at night and a toddler waking you early, it is probably not the best time to attend anything, much less a meeting you consider an important learning opportunity. I found myself babbling nonsensically by Sunday, therefore I apologize to anyone I attempted to converse with after 2:00 pm Saturday.
Sleep deprivation = inchoherence.

 Just in case you have the opportunity to attend a fabulous conference about something you love or aspire to do better, I have some tips for you. Not tips on what to do, I seem to struggle with that and will have to get back to you later, but I do have some tips on what things one should not to do now that I have done them. All of them…

1. Don’t neglect housework. Clean your house a few days before the event you will pack for/attend. This includes laundry because you will want the undergarment that is a certain size/color/style and is the only one that works with the dress you want to wear. But you can’t find it. Anywhere.
2. Don’t trust a tailor. If you drop a dress off at a shady alterations place and actually want to wear it to an event on time, lie to said shady place about event date. This way they may actually finish in time instead of after the event has begun.
3. Don’t neglect yourself. Take vitamins, eat breakfast, and drink your water so that when you do those frequent, negative things to your body like deprive it of food and sleep at least some of the food pyramid is already checked off your to do list.
4. A poppyseed muffin eaten in the car on the way to anywhere you are meeting new people is a not a good idea. Poppyseeds are devilish little buggers that will refuse to part company with your teeth and you will be reluctant to smile. Eat yogurt.
5. Do not attempt to spruce up your nails the night before the event- you may fall asleep on the wet laquer and wake to yet another chore… lovely.
6. Don’t assume you can always find what you need in a snap. Call ahead to a venue if you are needing a place to use a breastpump. At least you’ll have a headstart on the looking process without having to say “breastpump” to several men in one day.
7.  Much of the conference will require walking…from parking issues to waiting for the elevator for this lovely view! Therefore the shoe rules below apply most of the time.

  • Pumps= idiocy
  • Wedges= manageable
  • Flats= bliss/intelligence

* note, you may have stronger feet, calves, and stamina so this may not apply to everyone, especially those who actually sleep

8. Don’t forget to think ahead about who you want to meet! If you know some of your favorite bloggers will attend the event, plan on conversation you can engage in beyond, “OMG I read your blog every week!” This is not terribly original and doesn’t lend much support to the idea that you too might actually blog competently on occasion.
9. When facing mother nature’s worst in the guise of heat and humidity do not fight her. A bun is a blessing versus hair that could get you the lead part in Annie.
10. Do not call your husband/significant other/roommate to check on your children/pets/houseplants more than three times a day. In fact, twice may be sufficient if you are also texting them to say, “How’s it going?” in addition to those calls. It may eventually appear to this person that you lack confidence in their abilities and are slightly OCD. People are sensitive.

Did you attend? What was your fave part if so? Any other “do not do” ideas for me, friends? I only have seven months until the next conference and I want to be prepared.

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  • http://walkingwithcake.com/ Catherine Harper

    This post is so funny and true! It was my first time attending Texas Style Council, and my little boys were with my parents in San Antonio. They ended up coming home earlier than planned due to sleep exhaustion (probably suffered by my parents more than my sons!).

    My conference don’t: When you go to register and drop off your clothes for the swap, do not sit on the giant glass table in the middle of the store. It isn’t a bench like all the others in the room, despite its low height. Luckily, I jumped up before it broke! Way to make a first impression! :P

  • http://petalandplume.blogspot.ca/ petal and plume

    i would have loved to be part of this!!
    your blog is incredibly wonderful.

  • Dude Mom

    I was at BlogHer last month. This looks even more awesome!

  • Monica

    I’m fairly new to blogging and I didn’t even know these existed!!!! This is great. I will definitely have to look into some on the east coast. Too bad I don’t still live in Texas otherwise I could’ve gone to this one hehe.
    Oh and, even though I’m really good in heels, I think I would wear flats regardless haha.