I like big bags and I cannot lie

Things I like about this outfit post…

  • my ginormous mom Dooney. I have all my stuff plus crackers, toy trains, and handy wipes for emergencies. It takes over the outfit, but at least I love the color.
  • a haircut! First one in months. The hubs watched the kids and I went to my stylist alone. For an hour. Bliss.
  • my dress, thrifted for $8, it’s 100% silk and comfy
  • the adorable accessories from Tiny Bee that YOU can win in a giveaway!
Do you carry a ginormous bag (mom or no) that takes over your outfits?

 Cute fabric bag and earrings from the Tiny Bee, enter the giveaway!

Linking up with Molly for FundayMonday & Watch What I’m Wearing today, go visit.

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  • http://littlebitofwowe.blogspot.com/ Danielle

    I love this drop waist dress on you, and I can’t believe it’s a Good Will find. I wish I were a successful Good Will shopper, but I am not. I’ll have to continue rocking the clearance racks. Oh, and green is the perfect pop of color to this ensemble.

  • Angela Keeley-White

    What a beautiful drop waist dress! I love the print!


  • Inge Jane

    Wow, I love this dress with the bright bag! And the earrings were a perfect little addition!

    This Ever Evolving Life

  • Jess

    What a steal for the dress! It’s beautiful and it looks like it’s made for you! As for big bags, I can’t do it cuz I end up overstuffing it and it feels too heavy to lug around. But if it was in such a pretty color, I might have to reconsider. :P

    Thanks for checking out my blog! (Stylepint: http://stylepint.com)

  • bittyandbunny

    I can hardly believe: #1. you found such an awesome dress at a thrift shop, and #2. that is was only $8! I’m so impressed. And now, much like I got Gin & Juice in your head, Sir Mixalot is now swirling around mine. :) Thanks so much for visiting my blog; it’s so great to meet you!