Long time, no see (or get dressed)…

I had the remaining three weeks of my pregnancy mapped out-things to do (finish room for baby, not done), things to wear (ordered maxi dresses that are now too big), and rest to prepare (ha).  But Baby B disregarded my schedule and came early- I can’t believe I bought dresses I can’t wear! But that’s a closet rant for another day, one in which I am somewhat rested.  For the past month I have hung out in yoga pants, nursing apparel, and spit up. I think my mascara dried out. Shockingly I decided to get dressed this weekend and put on makeup- but I am taking it slow and grabbed something I depended upon in the last days of my pregnancy, inspired by Elaine of Clothed Much who looks fabulous in her maxi dresses at various stages of preggerness. I will take slow steps to more fitted apparel and eventually pants- but want to avoid depressing myself by trying to jump into fitted jeans.  So for now, long live my maxis (dresses, not anything else that starts with maxi now that I think on that prefix).

Missoni scarf/Merona Sweater/Yellow Box shoes
Dress remixed

Early boy…rare quiet moment

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  • http://www.facebook.com/megan.barkley.9 Megan Barkley-Colwell

    You look wonderful. That dress looks really comfy, too. Right up my alley!

    Hey if you have time, check out my blog re-launch and art give away :)

  • http://iamchiconthecheap.com/ Lyddiegal

    I do love the maxi! Bummer about not getting to wear your new clothes, but a huge congrats on your new baby boy!!

  • Tallia Gennaoui

    awww i love the scarf and what a cute baby!


  • Jene Sigl

    Congrats! You look lovely!

  • http://twitter.com/BonBonRoseGirls Kristin & Megan

    Love that scarf. What a fun pop of color! And the bambino is adorbs!

  • http://twitter.com/Frocks_Fair Catherine

    I lived in maxis after my babies! So comfortable an they look great with very little effort. Your outfit looks lovely! Your little boy is gogeous! :-)

  • Naznin

    Gorgeous!.. I love your hairstyle and the baby pic is so so adorable!.. Touchwood.. Lovely dress by the way..

  • http://twitter.com/itsdlovely Desiree

    It’s great you at least got some use for dresses. Maybe a trip to Goodwill is in order.