Open house, come see my new old bedroom

I adored my bedroom in our 110 year old home. So the hubs was shocked at the suggestion that it should be turned into a kids’ room. But it was the largest room and the huge amount of kids toys, clothes, and more demanded the largest space. So I pushed, and Mr. L . argued, but still renovated our messy study into a new space for us! He wanted  some color on the walls while I always like a neutral, so we finally agreed on a seafoamy green.

Just before we moved in… blank slate. Have to brag that this room had acoustical tile on the ceiling and no drywall, Mr. L redid the wood floors and the fireplace down to the brick on the front.

And move in…not as much room in this spot so we had to edit. I haven’t decided if I need a nightstand, using a chair and vintage tray for now. I’ve had this armoire forever! I bought it in an estate sale in a tiny town.

Vintage laundry basket above, vintage books below…

Perfect for me, this vintage handpainted tray was thrifted years ago, before I was a Lemondrop.

This bed was made by a local craftsman/welder who used old fencing… sometimes even iron fencing from cemeteries.  So Edgar Allan Poe, right? What do you think of the room? Did we do a good job with our old house sans decorating advice from a pro?

Now, the kids’ room renovation begins in earnest. Prayers and well wishes appreciated since we need another project right now like we need another project!

We still haven’t decided on a color for the walls, I am pulling for this scheme without much luck.



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  • jeniferjamie

    Love the room! Beautiful! I love your bed too! Wish I could have one, but my partner is so tall he always says no to anything I point out with an end… he could always sleep in the dogs bed I guess! ;)

    Jen xx

  • RavishingRubyVintage

    I am a sucker for hardwood floors. I usually like darker wall colors, but that seafoam is just right! Great job!
    L A

  • coloradolady

    I have never seen something so perfect as that bed!!! Oh….would you please send me his information and contact information. I MUST have one of those beds. I have been looking actually for a full size metal bed and yet to find what I like, this just is the most perfect thing I have seen….simply love it!!! Your room is amazing by the way!! Just beautiful!

    • Marie

      Thanks! I am glad you like it, I love it too, and the hubs has over the years suggested we get a different bed but I won’t do it! Unfortunately I don’t have the bedmakers’ info, he moved a few years ago- but he usually goes to Round Top- I haven’t been in a few years but I remember seeing him there a few times. I have to try to find more info, his first name was Billy- will keep looking!

      • coloradolady

        please if you find it, let me know….I love it!!

  • Jackeline Davila

    Yes….the bead is dreamy!!

  • Liz


  • Jill

    beautiful!!!! I love the deco wardrobe!!!


    oh darling

  • Helen

    Oh I love that bed, so very unique and beautiful

    Please come and check out my latest post if you have a few
    minutes spare :)



  • Marta K.

    I think the decoration of your room is impecable!! :) Just love it!

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