It’s easier to dream about a white Christmas when there is a tree in the bedroom, don’t you think?

I believe the bedroom should be a peaceful space, a calming place to unwind and sleep. No television, no bright lights…. nothing that will distract me from rest. I feel this way even more since we have a two year old roommate who would like everything to be extra fun just before bed. (Yay to his room almost being finished!)

But even with sleep as my major goal I can’t resist tucking in a little Christmas here and there, even a tiny tree. Instead of buying a tree, I just rescued one from going to the trash. We’ve had our  large white Christmas tree for a few years, but storage and several cats have not been kind to it. We decided it needed to go, but I noticed the top of the tree looked just fine! I “planted” it in a thrifted white pot and decorated it for our bedroom. Thrifty, recycled, and somewhat calm and bright.  I also added touches of green and gold to my usual vanilla palette. What bedroom decor Christmas additions have you added?

Vintage bedroom additions: sofa, stained glass, religious prints, lamp, velvet throw, nightstands from old dresser parts, bag and jewelry in gold, jewelry boxes, footstool, and books.

The Little Lemondrop has a bed, but alas prefers ours or the vintage sofa in the room.

Vintage Monet Christmas charm bracelet, there are four Christmas trees so far…
Happy Christmas to you and yours…from the Lemondrops
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  • Maria

    what a beautiful little white tree. love it! xo

  • Jeanie

    I can’t tell you how much I love the idea of rescuing the tree top — it’s just adorable and I love the white — it’s so magical! Yes, I suspect you’ll have more than a few visions of sugarplums with this in your (very, very pretty) room! Merry and Happy! ~jeanie

  • cassie

    your bedroom is so cozy and warm! love it!

  • Catherine Beck

    Your room is lovely. I love the little tree idea it looks great. :-)

  • Cee F.

    I cannot get over how stunning your bedroom is! I mostly use mine as a place to sleep and store clothes, so I don’t put a huge amount of thought into decoration, but this post has me convinced I should start to!

  • Carrie @ Busy Nothings

    We also don’t have a TV in our bedroom, but at Christmas I add garlands with lights and ribbon over the two windows, and it adds so much. We love it! Always kind of sad to take them down after Christmas. :) Just popping by from the Nester’s party (still trying to make my way through all the links) – Merry Christmas!

  • A Fine Balance

    im in love with your white bedding!