In which I lazily copy a clothing ad for my outfit, but am thrilled that it actually fits and is on sale

Something I really try to avoid? Maternity clothes. I know it isn’t fair to hate the entire idea of them based on a few bad items, but many are poorly made, too expensive for the quality, and ugly. So I just keep wearing whatever I can in larger sizes. This does not always work… but when it does I am a happy round girl.  And when the items are on clearance… happier and in the mood for cupcakes. Who am I kidding? I am always in the mood for cupcakes, this just makes me want to have a Starbucks decaf latte with them. I saw this outfit in one of Target’s promos and instead of remixing or adding something vintage today as I usually do I just wore it as it. Lazy day- and when you are preggers and hot you can still wear open toed shoes in pretty chilly temps! Hope you find something on sale and celebrate today too!
Dress and blouse Target, Kirna Zabete
Shoes, Mossimo
Bag, Dooney

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  • Bri

    Your floral blouse looks lovely under the tweed dress! It must be quite nice there since you are wearing sandals (sadly I had to switch to winter boots a couple weeks ago :-( )

    My friend Natasha ( is the same way about maternity clothes, but she never ceases to look fabulous no matter what the occasion!

  • Rebecca

    The tweed dress is really cute, and it looks great with the blouse.

  • carrie loves

    I think it looks adorable! And so does your little baby bump! I agree maternity clothes are too expensive for what you get. Mamas today are lucky to be able to wear ‘normal’ clothes for as long as possible without having to resort to an over-priced tent for 5-6 months.

  • Voucher Codes UK

    Just loving her shoes & handbag….she looks gorgeous!

  • Keely

    Another baby! Yah! I almost bought the same pieces for my growing belly too! You look adorable!

  • Marie_McGrath

    You look fantastic in this outfit!

  • Target-Addict

    Great outfit, and you look fab in it!