Miss American Pie and my favorite Fryes

I am in the midst of a plaid field day with cooler weather and some great vintage finds. I feel like the luckiest plaid lover ever to find this patriotic plaid to wear around the election! No matter your side, we should all be pro red, white and blue. These Frye shoes have taken me through a few Autumns, but only get better with age. I love America, plaid and fall…. what a sappy post this is. I will stop before I burst into song. Hope your day is spent with some clothes you love too!

plaid vintage dress corduroy jacket outfit

red plaid vintage dress corduroy jacket outfit

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  • VintageCoconut

    That dress is so CUTE! You look fabulous!

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  • http://www.futurelint.blogspot.com/ FutureLint

    Love the dress! I wore a red, white, and blue plaid jacket to vote and didn’t even think about it until a couple of old men commented on my “patriotic attire!