Gorgeous coaster giveaway (ends 11/24)

The holidays are coming! You want the house to look lovely, and inviting…and Lauerland Boutique has some coasters to accent your furniture and protect it at the same time. What a perfect time of year for this giveaway! Lauerland Boutique is giving away one fantastic set of four personalized ceramic photo coasters with photos selected by you and custom-made with cork backing and water-resistant sealant. Personalized coasters make an amazing gift for any occasion but they are also the perfect addition to your own home. These coasters give you the perfect opportunity to jazz up the living room with a personal touch!  Enter using the rafflecopter below…and meet Deirdre Lauer, coaster creator extraordinaire.

I’m a recent Austin transplant from Washington DC with a degree in marketing and a desire to explore my creative side! After moving to Austin in summer 2012, I started the tedious task of finding employment in a completely different market. I realized I could only spend so many hours working on resumes, cover letters, and scouring the job boards all to get a simple “no” without wanting to pull my own hair out! In the Pinterest-inspired spirit, I decided I wanted to get creative and spend my extra free time doing something that I was interested in. I spent weeks learning how to make coasters and starting to create personalized sets for friends and family. They were a hit! After seeing similar coasters for sale for $10 (for one coaster!), I decided I should take the leap and open an Etsy shop so that I could provide my products at a more affordable price for people like me. I created the Lauerland Boutique and officially launched in August 2012. I love the reaction I get when someone receives their personalized coaster set!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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