I’m on Target… for Webster

If you and I have been friends for a while you are probably not at all surprised that I made it to the opening of the Shops at Target. I was remiss at making the debut of Jason Wu and missed out on my size! So the Little Lemondrop and I did some grocery shopping and Webster clothing perusal all at once Sunday morning. He likes to eat cheerios while I try on clothes surreptitiously in the corner of the women’s section. No fitting rooms for us. As my friend the Target Addict pointed out, I rushed for no reason, very few shoppers were beating down the doors as yet.

I liked the Webster dress line overall, lovely prints for summer and the price point is the usual for designer collaborations. I heard one shopper sniff that it was pricey for Target, but I think she must have missed all of the other collaborations  and their price points. I felt very worldly and experienced when listening to her. This dress is a comfortable and classic sheath design. Wish I could splurge on more of the line, we’ll see if enough is left in a few weeks for me to reconsider. I did notice online shopping is limited to two items of same style and size! Hey, Target, getting wise to the ebay sellers, are ya? I’m glad. I am still mad about all of that Missoni I missed- the bathroom line would look great in our blue bathroom and all I nabbed was a shower curtain. There are still over 6,000 items on ebay right now for that line! C’est la vie, no?  Happy Monday, hope you are on target for a nice one. Pun intended.

Sometimes I smirk over a good find.

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  • Amber

    I didnt realize that was THIS weekend! I need to get my booty to Target :)  

  • http://meganmaedaily.com/ Megan Gann

    Sweet dress! My target is rarely ever over run, they even had Missoni stuff at least a week later. “My” target is a couple of towns over so I only go by every once in awhile. I’m not a fan of the bag-dresses from the rest of the collection, but I like the printed shift you got. The little almost-sleeve is my favorite part.

  • Meganbarkley

    I am always surprised by what I find at Target. Most of the time, I have to refuse the urge to go there – mostly because I ALWAYS overspend; how can you not? Anyway, you look fab! http://nauticalowl.blogspot.com/

  • http://profiles.google.com/son.jacquelyn Jacquelyn Son

    That’s a very unique dress! Hope you enjoy the rest of your week :)

    XO J

  • Jene Sigl

    Lovveeee that bag! 

  • http://www.askirtaday.com/ Shey

    Wow, I thought your dress was vintage, it’s very lovely!

  • http://twitter.com/citizenrosebudz the Citizen Rosebud

    Target is my modern guilty pleasure. The clothes are fun affordable (oftentimes cheaper on the clearance rack than you’ll find in the thriftstore) and fairly well made. I missed the Jason Wu sha-bang too. On a strict budget. But your little number here, me likey. As in hope to see it in my closet someday. Memo to self: must get to Target soon. I’m sure there’s a dishrack on my to-buy list. Oh, and that sweet dress.