minted- an inspired review

We are experiencing some exciting changes at our house, and change makes you look at your home (or soon to be new home) with a fresh eye for design. Our home now is in one style, but we’ll be moving to one that was built in a completely different era and has totally different lines. Plus…Why should we keep the same art pieces when we’ve changed so much as people since we originally bought them? We have new interests.. and kids now! Do you need a fresh take on art for your space? You have to see the designs of limited edition prints at by amazing artists. Whether you are into realism, abstract, drawings, bright color or pastels, you will find something to transform your home. I’ve collected my favorites by creating an account and “hearting” them for later comparison with the rooms we are redesigning. I love the bold graphics for the bedrooms, and the watercolors for the living areas…so many choices! The other cool site feature is the preview of sizes standing next to a real person for perspective if you need visual clues to make your selections. You can choose framed or unframed art, too. Have you seen the beautiful art at


how sweet is this ‘let’s grow old together“?

come on by my house, I want to give you a giveaway

Thank you so much for your visit. Lemondrop is my archived vintage wardrobe and articles on my vintage life and hunts. To see what I am doing right now and enter the latest giveaway I hope you’ll come over to my blog In Our Happy Place. Soon, okay? I miss your face.

a new giveaway

Glad you are here to visit, but I am over here at, blogging about my happy place, having a giveaway, and eating cookies. Stop by why don’t ya?

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happy new year and new starts

Happiest of new years to you, and thank you so much for reading our adventures here. In honor of the new year I will be blogging at our new internet home full(ish) time! Please join me at, I am excited to share our latest news and finds with you.  Today we’re having, what else? […]

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Casino dream night out

What would you wear on a night out to a casino? Casino gambling has become a great way for couples to spend an evening. Some of this popularity can be traced back to online casinos such as which have helped more people learn casino games. One benefit to playing from home is that you can […]

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c’mon to my house….and giveaway reminder!

  Today I am sharing these little lovelies at my blog, In Our Happy Place. I hope you’ve decided to follow me there!  I have three great giveaways on now, one ending soon, here, here and here!    

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